Siyasat Arabiya

Siyasat Arabiya is a bi-monthly peer reviewed academic journal published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ISSN 2307-1583/E-ISSN 2789-326X) dedicated to political science, international relations, and strategic affairs. First published in March 2013, the journal is overseen by an academic editorial board and an actively engaged board of international advisers.
Contributions in Siyasat Arabiya are drawn from all fields of political science including international relations, comparative politics, and national, regional, and international institutional systems. The journal publishes critical insights into the operation of political systems, the behavior of governments and political parties as well as the trends in civil society and social and political participation more broadly. This is complemented with publications covering public opinion, issues of migration and forced migration, war, civil war, conflict and human rights issues. Particular attention is paid to the present-day political transition in the Arab world, especially democratization at all political levels and its legal-constitutional and institutional aspects.
In addition to the editorial and advisory boards, the journal relies on two units active within the Arab Center of Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS): the Policy Analysis Unit and the Arab Opinion Index, which produces an annual report on public opinion across the Arab world. The journal's work is also closely linked to the political science program at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies and the Program for the Study of Arab Democratization within the ACRPS.
Publication in Siyasat Arabiya is governed by a strict code of ethics guiding the relationship between the editorial staff and contributors. With three years of experience and interaction with specialists and contributors the journal was recently (Spring, 2016) restructured to bring it in line with international standards of academic publishing.