Issue 01

Mar, 2013

ACRPS has published the first issue of the bi-monthly journal Siyasat Arabia, a journal devoted to political science and international relations. The issue includes the following monographs and articles: “The Arab Regional Order: The Strategy of Penetration and Reformulation” (Walid Abdulhay); “Israel and Geo-Strategic Changes” (Mahmoud Muhareb); “US Goals and Strategy in the Arab World” (Marwan Bishara); “Sudan and Iran: Journey of Rapprochement” (Elnour Hamad); “The Ruling Troika in Tunisia” (Aicha El-Tayeb); “The Egyptian Presidency after Mubarak” (Bashir AbdelFattah); “The Iranian Presidency in light of the Experience of Ahmadinejad” (Rachid Yalouh); “The Geopolitical Effects of Israeli Gas Discoveries in the East Mediterranean” (Zouheir Hamedi); and “Trends in Public Opinion in the Mashreq on the Syrian crisis” (Mohammed al-Masri). There are also a number of book reviews of important works on Arab world affairs.
The issue also includes “Palestinian Developments 2012” and “Milestones of Democratic Transformation in the Arab countries 2012” as well as a report on the First Annual Conference of Political and Strategic Research Centers in the Arab World held by ACRPS in Doha from December 15-17, 2012.

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