Issue 02

May, 2013

ACRPS has published the second issue of the journal Siyasat Arabia under the managing editorship of Dr. Azmi Bishara. This issue contains a number of monographs, research papers, book reviews, opinion polls, and studies, comprising: "The European Union and the Arab Spring," (Bichara Khader); "Islamists and the Challenges Posed by Popular Support in Egypt," (Marwa Fikri); "The Israeli Knesset Elections," (Muhannad Mustafa); "Syria's Armed Opposition: Clarity of Objective and Lack of Vision," (Marwan Kabalan); "Israel's Policy of Nuclear Ambiguity," (Mahmoud Muhareb); "The Justice and Development Party's Experience of Government in Morocco," (Mohammed Bacik Manar); "Iraq: Protests and the Regime's Political Crisis," (Yahya al-Kubaisi); and "The Syrian Revolution: The First Days," (Fawaz Haddad). 
The book reviews featured in the second issue include: The Secession of South Sudan: Risks and Opportunities, reviewed by Ahmad Abu Shouk; The Islamist Solution in Jordan, reviewed by Khaled Walid Mahmoud; The Syrian Crisis: The Social and Economic Roots and Impacts, reviewed by Ali Abdelqadir; and A Nation in Arms: The Rise and Fall of the Israeli Military Reserves, reviewed by Mahmoud Muhareb. In addition, this issue includes a survey of the turning points in the path to democratization in the Arab Homeland, an appraisal of Palestinian affairs, and trends in Arab public opinion on the Arab revolutions (Mohammed al-Masri), which is a review of the Arab Opinion Index produced annually by the ACRPS on Arab opinion on specific issues.

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