Issue 03

Jul, 2013

​ACRPS has published issue 3 of the bi-monthly peer-reviewed academic journal Siyasat Arabia, a journal devoted to political science and international relations. This issue includes the following studies, articles, and reports: "Reflections on the Political Experience of the Justice and Development Party in Morocco" (Rachid Muqtadir); "Shale Oil in the United States: A Revolution on the Horizon" (Zouheir Hamedi); "Israel and the Horn of Africa" (Mahmoud Muhareb); "The Restructuring of the Yemeni Army" (Adel al-Shargabi); "The Road to Geneva and US Policy Setbacks" (ACRPS Syrian Studies Unit); "Changes in the International System and their Repercussions on the Arab Revolutions" (Nerouz Satik and Ahmad Qasim Hussein); "Egyptian Foreign Policy after the January Revolution" (Amr Abdul Ati); "Illiteracy and its Effect on Voting Behavior in Egypt" (Ahmad al-Maghazi); "Arab Public Opinion Trends Regarding other Arab Peoples and Inter-Arab Relations" (Mohammad al-Masri); and "What did Iraq do to Prevent the Danger of War?" (Naji Sabri). The issue also includes a record of milestones for democratic transition in the Arab world, Palestinian events, and reviews of the following books: The Virtual Public Sphere in the Syrian Revolution, reviewed by Wissam al-Nasir; The Yemeni Revolution: The Background and the Horizons, reviewed by Khalid Walid al-Mahmoud; The Crisis of Rule in Sudan, written by Ata al-Hasan al-Bathani and reviewed by Elnour Hamad; The Question of Syria's Kurds, reviewed by Hamzeh al-Mostafa; and Energy and its Influence on Russian Foreign Policy, reviewed by Zouheir Hamedi.

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