Issue 10

Sep, 2014

​ACRPS has published issue 10 of the bi-monthly peer-reviewed academic journal Siyasat Arabia, a journal devoted to political science and international relations. This edition includes the articles: “The Israeli War on Gaza” (Mahmoud Muhareb); “The Israeli Assault on Gaza: Another International Test Failed by the Obama Administration” and “Syria on Gaza: Incongruity in the Regime’s Resistance Discourse” by the ACRPS’ Policy Analysis Unit; “American Policies Regarding Democratic Transformation in Europe in 1989 and in the Arab World in 2011” (Ghassan El-Ezzi); “A Context for the Arsaal Crisis: the Fallout from the Armed Confrontations” (Hamzeh Almoustafa); “Collective  Security Dilemmas in the Gulf Cooperation Council” (Ayman El-Desouky); “Does Erdogan’s Victory Herald the Start of a New Era for Turkey?” (ACRPS Policy Analysis Unit); “Determinants of Moroccan Policy towards the States of West and Sub-Saharan Africa” (Yahya Boulahya); “The Road to Mosul’s Fall” (Haider Saeed); and “Trends in Arab Public Opinion Towards the Palestinian Issue and the Arab-Israeli Conflict” (Mohammad al-Masri).

In addition to the above, the issue features two book reviews: “China: New World, New Human Being” (Abdel Majid el-Sakhiri), and “Sudan’s Missing National Unity” (Elnour Hamad). Finally, the issue includes documentation of key milestones of democratic transformation in the Arab world and of developments in Palestine July-August 2014.

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