Issue 14

May, 2015

​ACRPS has published issue 14 of the bi-monthly peer-reviewed academic journal Siyasat Arabia, a journal devoted to political science and international relations. This issue includes the following studies and articles: “On So-Called Extremism” (Azmi Bishara); “The International Monetary System and the Political Economy of the Arab Gulf States” (Taher Kanaan); “The Israeli Parliamentary Elections 2015: Towards the Formulation of the Hegemonic Party System” (Muhannad Mustafa); “The Sudanese Elections between Democratic Transformation and the Institution of One-Man Rule” (Elnour Hamad); “The Peaceful Rise of China” (Hikmat al-Abd al-Rahman); “Foreign Aid between Strategic Goals and Actors, and Domestic Effects in the Donor States” (Musa Alaya); “The Yemeni Assembly for Reform (al-Islah): the Current Scene” (Essam al-Qaysi); “Morocco and Decisive Storm: Transformations in Military Doctrine” (Ihsan al-Hafizi); “Yemen after Decisive Storm: Requirements for Reconstruction of the Political Field” (Abdulbaqi Shamsan); “The Future of the Houthi Movement” (Abdul Nasser Al Muwaddah); and “Trends in Arab Public Opinion on Russia”.

In the section on book reviews and notices there are Hazim Nahar’s review of “The Question of the Syrian Kurds” and Al-Sadiq al-Faqih’s review of 22 Ideas to Fix the World. The journal also covers the most important milestones of democratic transformation and events in Palestine during March and April 2015. In the reports section there is the testimony of Rajih Badi, official spokesman of the Yemeni government, on “The political track in Yemen form the Gulf initiative to Decisive Storm”.

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