Issue 15

Jul, 2015

​ACRPS has published issue 15 of the bi-monthly peer-reviewed academic journal Siyasat Arabia, a journal devoted to political science and international relations. This issue includes the following studies and articles: “American National Security Policy” (Mohammed Mutawa); “A Decentralized Unified Regime: A Possible Model for a Middle Ground in Somalia” (Afyare Elmi); “Russia and Turkey: Developing Relations and Competing Aspirations in the Arab Region” (Emad Kaddoura); “Is the Division of the Arab Mashreq States Possible?” (Nerouz Satik); “The Securitization of Illegal migration in European Policy: Motives and Implications” (Morsi Moshiri); “Collective Diplomacy between Respect for State Sovereignty and Intervention for Humanitarian Purposes” (Fatima Golmane); “Conformity and Divergence in the Position on the Palestinian Issue of the Five Permanent Members of the Security Council 1979-2003” (Rowaid Abu Amsha); “Hamas and the Adoption of the Law on Secret Evidence in the European Courts” (Adib Ziyadeh); “The Fourth Netanyahu Government: the Narrowest and Most Extreme” (Mohammed Muhareb); “A Reading of the Turkish Election Results” (Oktay Yilmaz); and “Views of the Palestinians inside Israel on the Performance of the Israeli Government” (Aas Atrash and Ameed Saabana).

In the book review and notices section there are: Abdel-Rahman al-Siraj’s review of Hard Choices; Azzam Amin’s review of Comment Sortir de l'Emprise Djihadiste? Mustapha Ait Kharouach’s review of “The Spirit of Democracy: the Fight to Build Free Societies”; and Nerouz Satik’s review of “US policy and the Management of International Crises”. The journal also covers the most important milestones of democratic transformation in the Arab world and events in Palestine during May and June 2015.

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In this issue: