Issue 20

May, 2016

​ACRPS has published issue 20 of the bi-monthly peer-reviewed academic journal Siyasat Arabia, a journal devoted to political science and international relations. This issue includes the following studies and analytical papers: “Terrorism and the Law: Moroccan Anti-Terror Legislation” (Hassan Tarek and Ihsan al-Hafezi); “The Debate over the Precedence of ‘the Guardian State’ or of State Responsibility: an Investigation into the Principle of Solidarity with Regard to Arab Specifics” (Amina Mostefa Della); Questions of Parliamentary Monarchy in the Moroccan Constitutional System” (Abdelilah Essatte); “Transatlantic Partnership for Trade and Investment: An Economic NATO with Geostrategic Motives” (Mohamed Metawe); “The Refugee Crisis in the Arab World and its Domestic and Regional Implications” (Alaa Abdelhafiz); and “Iranian Infiltration in East Africa and its Implications for Gulf National Security 2002-2014” (Ali Metwally Ahmed). The section on the AOI includes a paper prepared by the Arab Opinion Unit at ACRPS entitled, “Arab Public Opinion on the Performance of Parliaments according to the Results of the 2015 AOI”.

There are also reviews of important books: Ahmad Qassem Hussein’s review of International Relations Theories: Discipline and Diversity by Tim Dunne et al.; Mohamed Ali Nador and Morsi Mochiri’s review of “Algerian Security Policy: Determinants, Fields and Challenges” by Mansour Lakhdari; Ahmad Jassim al-Hussein’s review of La Fabricaccion de l’ennemie [the Making of an Enemy] by Pierre Conesa; and Hikmat Abdul Rahman’s review of Les ondes de choc des révolutions arabes (Shock Waves Generated by the Arab Revolutions) by Chantal Verdeil et al. The journal also includes the two regular sections covering the most important milestones of democratic transformation in the Arab world and events in Palestine during March and April 2016.

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In this issue: