Issue 27

Jul, 2017

​The twenty-seventh edition of Siyasat Arabiya, a bi-monthly political science journal published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies is now available. Alongside peer reviewed academic papers covering a range of topics included in Siyasat Arabiya 27, the journal carries a special section covering the ongoing crisis in intra-Gulf relations. Specifically, these include: "Qatar's Diplomacy: Facing the Challenges of the Gulf Crisis" by Nawaf Al Tamimi; "The Repercussions, Present Reality and Future Trajectories of the Gulf Crisis: a Forecasting Approach" by Mohammad Al-Rumaihi; "The American Position towards the Gulf Crisis" by Osama Abu Irshaid;  "The Changing American Perception of the Gulf Crisis" by Zouhair Much; "Iran and the Gulf Crisis: Losses and Gains" by Mahjoob Zweiri; "Another Way: Morocco, Sudan and Somalia React to the Intra-Gulf Crisis" by Abubakr Abdelrazig and Hamzeh Almoustafa; "Frameworks for Joint Arab Anti- Terrorism Efforts: the Foundation of Arab Cooperation or a Pawn in Political Disputes" by Abdou Moussa; "Al Jazeera and the Gulf Crisis: Background and History" by Ali El-Saleh Moula.

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