Issue 28

Sep, 2017

The twenty-eighth edition of Siyasat Arabiya, a bi-monthly political science journal published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies is now available. The peer reviewed academic papers included “Elite v. Geography: Actors, Structures and Qatar Foreign policy” by Marwan Kabalan; “The Legal Ramifications of the Blockade on Qatar in Terms of International Law” by Mohamed Abdulaziz Al-Khulaifi; “Analytical Selectivity in the Discipline of International Relations” by Mohamed Hamchi; “Repeated Changes of Palestinian Cabinet Ministers and the Impact on Public Policies: the Point of View of Higher Authorities” by Jehad Alayasa; “Kirkuk in Iraqi Narratives of Victimization and the Victimizer” by Khalil Fadl Osman; and “From Diversity to Division: the Prospects for a Consociational System of Power-Sharing in Kirkuk” by Nahwi Saeed. This edition also includes a translation by Abdou Moussa of Richard N. Haass’ “World Order 2.0: The Case for Sovereign Obligation”.
The section dedicated to the Arab Opinion Index includes the paper “Arab Public Opinion towards US Foreign Policy during the First Year of the Trump Presidency” by Mohammed al-Masry. 

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