Issue 41

Nov, 2019

The ACRPS has published the 41st issue of the bimonthly peer-reviewed academic journal Siyasat Arabiya, covering political sciences and international relations. This issue includes: "On Politics, the Political, and Theory: Reflections on the Debate between Method and Theory in the Function of Political Science" by Abdelwahab El-Affendi; " The Political Science Predicament: between Ideology and Knowledge" by Khalil al-Anani; " Short and Sweet: The Principle of Parsimony and Methodism in Political Research" by Sid Ahmed Goudjili; "Causation as a Problem in IR: Some Lessons From Complexity Science" by Mohammed Hemchi; "The Theory of Rational Choice and the Alternatives in Foreign Policy and International Relations" by Marwa El Badry; and "Inference Ability: Contributions of Process Tracing in Case Study Research" by Hassan El Haj Ali.

Also included in this issue is a report by Nabil Hussein from the Public Opinion Polling Unit titled "Palestine in Arab Public Opinion" alongside a translation of Philippe C. Schmitter's "Political Science: Researching a Multifaceted Topic in Essentially Contested Ways" by Ali Hakim Salih. This is followed by documentation of the Milestones in Democratic Transition in the Arab World 11/9/2019 - 31/10/2019 and Palestine Over Two Months 11/9/2019 - 31/10/2019 along with Documents of Democratic Transition in the Arab World. The issue ends with Kamel Bounab's review of "The Struggle for Recognition in International Relations" by Michelle Murray.

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