Issue 12

Jan, 2015

ACRPS has published issue 12 of the bi-monthly peer-reviewed academic journal Siyasat Arabia for political science, international relations, and public policy. This edition includes the articles: "The Rise of ISIL and Shifts in the Regional Order in the Levant" (Marwan Kabalan); “US-Iranian Military Coordination against ISIL: A Step towards Alliance!” (ACRPS Policy Analysis Unit); "Regional Failure in the Mix of External Powers and Armed Factions" (Mishari Hamad Ruwaih); “The 2014 Tunisian Elections: Phases and Outcomes” (Riad Bashir); "Morocco and Algeria: Uneasy Neighbors” (Mohamed Meziane); "Morocco’s Strategy of Economic Diplomacy: An Expanded Field  with Multiple Actors" (Yusuf Sidqi); "Israeli Knesset Elections: Netanyahu's Position Eroded, the Right's Power Redoubled" (ACRPS Policy Analysis Unit); "Ceasefire Negotiations between Israel and Hamas in the Light of Operation Protective Edge" (Ashraf Badr); "The Coming Eastern Alliance: The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Trend towards Universalism" (Abdelhak Dahmane); "External Influences in the Wrangling over Yemen" (Ali Hassan Muqbil  Sha’than); "The Russian Position on Arab Revolutions: The Cases of Libya, Egypt and Syria” (Nawar Jalil Hashem and Amjad Zein El Abidine Tohme); and "Trends in Arab Public Opinion toward the United States of America" (Mohammed al-Masri).

In addition, the twelfth issue of Siyasat Arabia features a review of the report: "Government Spending in 2014 in the Republic of Iraq" by Abdel Wahab al-Qassab; a book review entitled "Pre-fabricated Books and the Promotion of Experts of Limited Experience: Interpreting The Jihadis Return” by HamzehMustafa; a review of Wael Hallaq’s The Impossible State: Islam, Politics, and Modernity's Moral Predicament" by Khalid Walid Mahmoud. The journal also covers the most important milestones of democratic transformation in the Arab world and events in Palestine during November and December 2014, along with two event reports, the first on the ACRPS Conference "From Peoples' Revolutions to an Arena of Regional and International Conflict: The Rise of ISIL and Renewed American Involvement", and the second on a seminar in Beijing on Sudan and South Sudan.

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