Issue 16

Sep, 2015

​ACRPS has published issue 16 of the bi-monthly peer-reviewed academic journal Siyasat Arabia, a journal devoted to political science and international relations. This issue has two main themes: the war against ISIL and the Iranian nuclear program. The following studies and papers are included: “The War against ISIL a Year after the Formation of the International Coalition: The Case of Iraq” (Haydar Said); “The War Against ISIL a Year after the Formation of the International Coalition: the Case of Syria” (Hamzeh al-Mustafa); “American Policy towards ISIL” (Harith Hasan); “Directions for Reforming the Security Sector in Transitional Arab Regimes” (Ihsan al-Hafizi); “Algeria in the Reports on the Millennium Development Goals: a Study of Social Policy and Goals and their Course” (Youcef Zedam); “Where is Turkey Heading: Consolidation of Democracy or of Dictatorship?” (Mohammed Mahmoud Mahdi); “The Iranian Nuclear Agreement: Implications and Prospective Effect” (Mohammed al-Rumaihi); “Implications of the Iranian Nuclear Agreement: the Iranian View” (Mohammad Reza Fartousi ); “The Agreement with Iran and its Effects in the Region and for Israel and Palestine” (Yusuf Munir); “Trends in Arab Public Opinion on the Iranian Nuclear Agreement” (Mohammed al-Masri); “The Choice of Seeking Refuge in Europe and its Implications for the Crisis in Syria” (Policy Analysis Unit, ACRPS); and “The Moroccan Local Elections: Tracks of Competition and their Reflection on the General Political Scene” (Policy Analysis Unit). A new section has been added to this issue, “Translated Studies” which includes a translation of Anthony Cordesman’s “Iraqi Stability and the ‘ISIS War’”.

The book review and notices sections includes: Ibrahim Gharayba’s review of “The Untold Story” by former Syrian foreign minister Farouk al-Sharaa; Elnour Hamad’s review of ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror
by Michael Weiss & Hassan Hassan; and Abdel-Rahman al-Siraj’s review of Abdullah Gul and the Making of the New Turkey by Gerald MacLean. The journal also covers the most important milestones of democratic transformation in the Arab world and events in Palestine during July and August 2015.

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In this issue: