Issue 29

Nov, 2017

The 29th edition of Siyasat Arabiya, the ACRPS' journal devoted to the study of political science, international affairs and strategic studies was published in December, 2017. Research papers carried in this latest edition include:
"What defines Terrorism? The Identity of the Victim or that of the Victimizer?," by Azmi Bishara;  "Qatar's Humanitarian Aid to Palestine," by Elia Zureik; "Consociationalism and Shia Political Islam in Iraq: Problems in Discourse and Challenges to Diversity," by Akeel Abbas; "Hamas in British Political Discourse: A One-Sided View," by Adeeb Ziadeh; " ASEAN as a Security Community: Between Assumption and Reality Testimony," by Achour Guechi; and "Kurds and the Syrian Revolution," by Abdulbaset Sieda.
In the special section devoted to the Arab Opinion Index, Dana El Kurd contributes "State Capacity and its Impact on Public Opinion." Other fixtures include "Milestones in Democratic Transition in the Arab World," "Palestine over Two Months," and a number of book reviews and critiques. These include:  Haytham Mouzahem's review of Olivier Roy's Le Djihad et la Mort; Nael Georges' review of William Taylor's "Military Responses to the Arab Uprisings and the Future of Civil-Military Relations in the Middle East: Analysis from Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Syria"; Abdou Moussa's review of the conference "The Youth, Generational Shift and Democratic Transition in Arab Countries" and Ahmed Qassem Hussein's review of the ACRPS conference  "Christian Arabs in the Greater Mashreq: Determinants of Continuity, Emigration and Forced Migration".
Further details can be found on the Siyasat Arabiya webpage. 

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