Issue 31

May, 2018

The thirty-first edition of Siyasat Arabiya, a bi-monthly political science journal, published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies is now available. This edition includes the studies “China, Russia and the United States: Understanding the Emergence of a Tri-polar World Order” by Ali Jarbawi; “Political Stability in the Member States of the Gulf Cooperation Council: the Challenge of Migration and Population Instability” by Ahmed Mohamed Abozaid; and “Resource Conflicts and Survival Instincts: Border Issues between Sudan and South Sudan” by Osama Ahmed Idrouss.
A special section on the Latest Wave of Arab protests contains two studies: “The Moroccan Rif Uprising:  Context and Characteristics” by Omar Iharchane; and “The Lebanese Civil Movement Activists: A Common Cause for Contradictory Backgrounds” by Maryz Younes. In addition, Siyasat Arabiya 30 covered findings from the Arab Opinion Index, the annual public opinion survey administered by the ACRPS, as part of a regular series of articles from the Siyasat Arabiya team. This edition’s report was devoted to “Palestinian Public Opinion: Latest Trends”, written by Dana El Kurd.  “Milestones in the Arab Democratic Transition” and “Palestine over Two Months” for January and February 2018 are further regular sections included in every edition of Siyasat Arabiya.  
Book reviews published in Siyasat Arabiya 30 include Mohamed Hamchi’s reading of the Routledge Handbook of Critical Terrorism Studies; and Samir Seifan’s review of The European Dream by Jeremy Rifkin. Finally, Siyasat Arabiya includes coverage of the proceedings of the academic forum hosted by the ACRPS “Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem: The Legal and Political Significance”, prepared by Ihab Mharmeh

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