Issue 33

Jul, 2018

The thirty-third issue of Siyasat Arabiya, the bi-monthly Political Science and International Relations journal published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, is now available. This edition includes the studies "Sinai's Insurgency: Implications of Enhanced Guerilla Warfare" by Omar Ashour; "The New Approach to the Kurdish Issue in Turkey" by Emad Kaddorah; "The Federal State Option in Yemen: Backgrounds, Justifications and the Challenges of Transition" by Adnan Yassin Al-Maktary; "The Experience of Palestinian Technocrats: The Governments of Hamdallah as a Case Study" by Ihab Maharmeh; "Measuring the State's Economic Power Adopting the Delphi Technique in the Study of the Reality of the Arab Countries 2015, Compared to the Regional Countries" by Bashar A. AL-Iraqi; "Ownership of Media and the Impact on the Independence of Journalistic Content: the Case of Sudan" by Nada Amin.

In addition, Siyasat Arabiya 33 covered findings from the Arab Opinion Index, the annual public opinion survey administered by the ACRPS, as part of a regular series of articles from the Siyasat Arabiya team. This edition's report was devoted to "An Arab Assessment of Iranian Foreign Policy", written by Dana El Kurd. "Milestones in the Arab Democratic Transition" and "Palestine over Two Months" for May and June 2018 are further regular sections included in every edition of Siyasat Arabiya. Book reviews published in Siyasat Arabiya 33 include "The Adnan Abou Awda Diaries: What was Left Unsaid" by Main Al Taher.

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