Issue 44

May, 2020

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and Doha Institute for Graduate Studies has published the 44th issue of the bimonthly peer-reviewed political science and international relations journal Siyasat Arabiya. This issue includes: "From Militias to Political Parties: How and Why Do Armed Organizations Take Up Non - Violent Activism?" by Omar Ashour; "The Geopolitical Significance of the Gulf in India's Strategy" by Emad Y. Kaddorah; "Economic Liberalization Policies and Their Impact on Civil-Military Relations: Selected Arab Cases" by Khalid Osman Alfeel; "Virtual Communities on the Edge of Political Confrontation: Wikipedia and the Middle East Informatics Crises" by Sherif Abdul Rahman Seif El-Nasr; "Latin America's Truth Committees: A Comparative Study of Institutional Dynamics and Politics of Memory" by Mohamed Ahmed Bennis. Also included in this issue is a translation ofAidan Hehir's"The Myth of the Failed State and the War on Terror: A Challenge to the Conventional Wisdom," by Mohammed Hemchi. The issue includes Arab Opinion Index commentary by Dana El Kurd, "Palestinian Public Opinion on the Preferences of Unarmed and Armed Resistance". This is followed by documentation of Milestones in Democratic Transition in the Arab World 1/3- 30/4/2020 and of Palestine Over Two Months 1/3- 30/4/2020, alongwith select Documents of Democratic Transition in the Arab World. The issue ends with Mohsen Bouazizi's book review of Tunis: A Revolution in the Land of Islam by Yadh Ben Achour and Azzam Al-Kassir's review of Arab Jihadismby Hassan Abu Hania.

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