Issue 22

Sep, 2016

​ACRPS has published issue 22 of the bi-monthly peer-reviewed academic journal Siyasat Arabia, a journal devoted to political science and international relations. This edition includes the following studies: “The Army and Political Power in the Arab Context: Theoretical Problems” (Azmi Bishara); “Trends in Deterrence in the Gulf” (Abdul Jalil Zayd al-Marhoon); “The Arab Spring and Constitutional Reform in Morocco” (Mohamed Goulferni); “Israeli-Sino Relations after the End of the Cold War” (Mahmoud Muhareb); and “The Strategy of the Chinese Presence in Africa” (Hikmat Alabdulrahman).This edition includes an extra section “Testimony” comprising two testimonies on “The Syrian Revolution from the Inside”: “Violence in the Arab Revolutions: The Syrian Case” (Tariq al-Ali) and “Undermining Authorities in the Syrian Revolution” (Ahmad Abazaid). The Arab Opinion Index section covers “Trends in Arab Public Opinion on Iranian Foreign Policy”.

Also included in this edition are reviews of two important books: Mounir Kchaou’s review of Is the American Century Over? by Joseph Samuel Nye and Fatima Al-Samadi’s review of the memoirs of General Hussein Hamdhani, a commander in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, published under the title “The Fish Letters”. In addition, there are the two regular sections: documenting key points for democratization in the Arab world and events in Palestine in July and August 2016, and two reports on conferences held by ACRPS: “The Arab World and China: Future Prospects of Relations with a Rising Power” (Ihab Maharma) and “Boycott as a Strategy against Israeli Occupation and Apartheid: Present-day Realities and Aspirations” (Ahmed Qasim Hussein).

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