Issue 48

Jan, 2021

​The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and Doha Institute for Graduate Studies have published the 48th issue of the bimonthly peer-reviewed political science and international relations journal, Siyasat Arabiya. This issue includes: "Disguised Protectionism: Economic Nationalism in a Borderless World" by Rabah Zaghouni; "Hegemony in International Relations: A Conceptual Review of the US Policy" by Lourdes Habash; "Mauritania between the Enormity of the Humanitarian Legacy and the Intractability of Transitional Justice" by Ahmed NDary; "International Protection for IDPs: Protection for People or Borders?" by Houria Ait Kaci; and "Protection for Refugee Rights: International and Regional Instruments" by Omar Rouabhi. The issue also presents a paper on the Arab Opinion Index by Dana El Kurd, " Assessing Arab Public Opinion towards US Foreign Policy". Further included in this issue is a translation of Nadine Méouchy's "Minorities and the National Structure in Assad's Syria". This is followed by the documentation of Milestones in Democratic Transition in the Arab World and Palestine over two months, 1/11/2020 - 31/12/2020, along with select Documents of Democratic Transition in the Arab World. The issue concludes with reviews of Ning An's Confucian Geopolitics: Chinese Geopolitical Imaginations of the US War on Terror by Kamel Bounab.

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