Issue 13

Mar, 2015

​ACRPS has published issue 13 of the bi-monthly peer-reviewed academic journal Siyasat Arabia, a journal devoted to political science and international relations. This edition includes the following studies and articles: “Interpreting US-European and Russian Policy towards the Ukrainian Crisis” (Mohammed Mutawa); “The Constitutional Crisis in Libya: Dimensions of the Conflict between Political Components” (Khayri Omar); “The Coalition Government in Tunisia: Interpreting the Profiles, the Implications and the Challenges” (Anouar Jamaoui); “The Legacy of Mubarak Still Rules Egypt” (Abdou Moussa); “The WTO from the Perspective of Developing Countries” (Noureddine Daoudi); “Hamas between Efforts to Politicize the Court and the Requirements of Justice” (Adib Ziadeh); “The Shebaa Operation: A Restrained Response from Hezbollah” (Policy Analysis Unit); “Voting Patterns in Israel and Shifts in Israeli Society: the Model of the 2013 Elections” (Mtanes Shihadeh); “Trends in University Youth in Participation in the Algerian Presidential Elections” (Abdelhalim Mahour-Bacha); and “Trends in Palestinian Public Opinion towards Democracy” (Isra Batayneh).

The section of book reviews features Nerouz Satik’s presentation of Muamar Khauli’s book Turkish-Russian Relations: From the Heritage of the Past to the Horizons of the Future;  Baaliousaid Ahmed’s review  of Qassem Hajjaj’s Dawn of the New Globalization; Khaled Walid Mahmoud’s review of Muhannad Mustafa’s book, The Israeli Academy as Institution: Knowledge, Politics and Economics; Muhannad Mustafa’s review of The Arab Spring, Democracy and Security: Domestic and International Repercussions, a book edited by Efraim Inbar. This issue also contains, in its reports section, testimony by former Special Representative of the UN Secretary General to Libya, Tarek Mitri.

In this issue: