Issue 34

Sep, 2018

The ACRPS has published the 34th issue of the bimonthly peer-reviewed scientific journal Siyasat Arabiya, covering political sciences and international relations. This issue includes "The Deep State: An Attempt to Fine-Tune the Concept" (Ali Jarbawi), "Transnational Shiism and the Nation-State in Iraq" (Harith Hasan), "National Reconciliation in Algeria: Experience and Achievement" (Tahar Saoud), "The Influence of Street Politics on the Democratic Transition Process: A Comparative Study of Post-2011 Tunisia and Egypt" (Mahmoud Adbdalal), "The Kurdish Workers' Party: A Non-State Actor in International Conflict" (Marwa El Badry), and "China's Middle East Strategy: From the Great Wall to the Opening of the Economy" (Hikmat al-Abdal al-Rahman).

Also in this issue are a report prepared by the public opinion polling unit at the ACRPS on Women's Rights and Democratic Values (Dana El Kurd, Arab Opinion Index); the two usual sections, documenting the most important developments in Arab democratic transition and events in Palestine between 1 July and 31 August 2018; two reviews of Azmi Bishara's Sect, Sectarianism and Imagined Sects, "Questions that Raise Further Questions" (Hoda Rizk) and "Semantic Extrapolations of Concepts of Political Sectarianism" (Nahar Mohamed Nuri); and a report on the seventh Annual Conference on Democratic Transition, "External Factors and the post-2011 Democratic Transition in the Arab Region" (Abdou Moussa).

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